Besides the name of the most worthy living city in Vietnam, Da Nang also is known as city of the bridge when there are many beautiful and unique bridges are over Han River. The bridges in Da Nang are not only to connect the life and the trade between people from both sides of Han River, but also the tourist attractions of this city. Therefore, don’t miss these bridge on your Da Nang trip.

Han River Bridge – The symbol of local pride

Han River Bridge is the image of Da Nang city since this is the first and only bridge in Vietnam which can make a rotation of 90 degree of angle. That is the reason Han River bridge has been the pride of local people for many years until now. There are also other reasons this pride. Firstly, Han River bridge was built in 1998 by Vietnamese architect and workers. After two year,, it opened for transportation. Nextly, this bridge was partially donated by local people. They wanted to have a bridge that can make it easier for transportation as well as trading activities between two sides of Han river. And finally, after the bridge was built, the life as well as the economic of both sides of the river has developed more quickly.

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Han River bridge is making a rotation of 90 degree of angle at midnight

Han River bridge became the first bridge appears in mind when people mention about the bridges in Da Nang. It has 487.7m in length and 12.9m in width. For tourism purpose, now Han River bridge makes rotation at 23h-24h on every Saturday and Sunday. Thus, go to Han River bridge at midnight is a checklist for Da Nang trip of many tourists.

Dragon bridge – The symbol of hardiness

It is named Dragon bridge as it is designed in the shape of a dragon heading toward the East Sea. It means the desire of local people for a stable development and happiness. The dragon bridge was opened into circulation in 2013 when Da Nang city had the 38th independence anniversary. This is one of two bridges in Da Nang inaugurated in a same day. It is in 666m length and 37.5m width overs the Han River.

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Dragon bridge breathes fire every weekend

Dragon bridge connects the airport to other main roads of Da Nang. This bridge was designed by Ammann & Whitney consulting engineers and Louis Berger corporation. At night, the bridge light up like a real dragon on Han River with 1500 led lights. The most special thing of this bridge that attracts a lot tourists come here in their Da Nang trip is that it can breathe fire and water. The performance is at 21h every Saturday and Sunday.

Tran Thi Ly bridge – The symbol of romanticism

Opening into circulation at the same time with Dragon bridge, Tran Thi Ly bridge is design in shape of a sail stretching out to the East Sea. It is the second one of the two bridges in Da Nang inaugurated in a same day. There is a tower in 145m height at the middle of the bridge. It is leaning toward the west at an angle of 12 degree. Tran Thi Ly bridge has 731m in length and 34.5m width. Beside, Tran Thi Ly bridge also has a nice view with Dragon bridge in the north. And to the south, the view directs to Sunwheel, one of ten highest wheel over the world. Therefore, Tran Thi Ly bridge has become a destination for lovers while its view is so romantic.

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Tran Thi Ly bridge is designed in the shape of a sail

Thuan Phuoc bridge – The symbol of mystery

Thuan Phuoc suspension bridge is the last one in the list of unique bridges in Da Nang. It was opened into circulation in 2009 and became the symbol of mystery and majesty of the city. This is the longest suspension bridge in Vietnam with 1,850m length and 18m width. It is located at the estuary to East Sea at Da Nang Bay. From the bridge, you can see the majesty of Son Tra island and the East Sea. In the airy space, the bridge is more mighty and mysterious than ever.

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Thuan Phuoc bridge on the estuary to East Sea of Da Nang Bay

This city is not only famous by friendly people, cuisine, mountains and sea but also by the bridges in Da Nang. For a meaningful and perfect Da Nang trip, you should not miss those bridges. Each has its own difference in design and each has its own soul. But after all, those bridges make Han River more and more romantic and special. Together, they makes Da Nang become one of the most tourist attraction in Vietnam.