A luxury apartment for rent in monarchy is now available with 3 bedrooms. It is designed in a perfect style that can make you fall in love immediately at the first sight. 3 bedrooms with 3 different styles. One is romantic like Europe, one is fresh and green like Hawai and another is cozy like Southeast Asia. The apartment is perfectly designed in every tiny things that creates a great space for a better life. 

Overview of this luxury apartment for rent

  • Usable area: 75m2;
  • Price: 750$;
  • Furnitures: Fully furnished;
  • Location: An Hai Tay street, Son Tra district, Da Nang city.

A perfect design for 3 bedrooms luxury apartment for rent

There are 3 bedrooms in this luxury apartment for rent that is followed 3 different styles. The first one is designed with purple and white, makes a romantic space. Thus, it makes an imagine about Europe, about purple flowers field and the elegant. There is a large window in this bedroom. So that you will wake up every morning in a room full of sunshine. A small table in this room which is put next the the window will be a perfect corner for you to work or just let your mind be creative. There is also a booshelf hang on the wall that make the room more impressive.

Luxury partment for rent

The second bedroom is follow a fresh and green style. You can be easy to imagine of Hawai right at the first sight entering into this room. From the color of the wall to the tree in this room, it make a space of nature that gives you the best relaxing moments. The greatest thing when spending time in this space is that it likes you are on a vacation to Hawai. However, it still keep is main style as a luxury apartment for rent. There is also a large wardrobe in this room so that it is more convenient for you to put everything inside it and make the room neater.

Luxury apartment for rent

Another bedroom is as cozy and nice as Southeast Asian style.. There is a small table in the room so that you still have space for work here. It is put next to the window thus we are sure that you can be inspired by the amazing view outside through the window. Moreover, your room will be full of sunshine every early morning. There are also a wardrobe and a lamp table inside the room.

Luxury apartment for rent

The luxury apartment is design miticulously to make a perfect style

The kitchen of this luxury apartment for rent is design in an elegant as well to keep the style of this apartment. The kitchen is fully furnished with modern utensils. There is a large cabinet that extremely convenient for you.

Luxury apartment for rent

The living rom is not to large but it is furnished  with fully stuffs which are designed miticulously. There is a balcony where you can spend time relaxing at night and watching the nice city. Every tiny thing in this space is invested carefully, from the table to the salon chair and the ceiling light too. It makes a perfect space for a better life.

Luxury apartment for rent

A luxury apartment located on Han riverside

Monarchy luxury apartment for rent is located in the center of this nice city. It is on Han riverside. What an great location! You can spend time walking on the riverside and watching the movement of lights on the legend bridges of this city. Futhermore, you can also feel easy to go to other convenient places such as supermarket, market, entertainment center, malls, and so on.

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