Hoi An was one of the most crowded port in trading with Japanese, Chinese and western traders in 17th and 18th century. Nowadays, Hoi An attracts tourists over the world with hundred years old streets and the priceless culture of Vietnam. Even not a trading port anymore, Hoi An souvenir shows a part of trading life of local people before.


Lanterns is a unique beauty of Hoi An. Therefore, it is a must-bought Hoi An souvenir for anyone when coming here. Lantern is made from bamboo frame and silk. A good lantern must be made carefully from the first tiny things. The bamboo is chosen carefully and is knit into the frame. After that, it is cover by a piece of silk with other accessories to complete. Hoi An lantern is not only the traditional products and pride of local but also the pride of Vietnamese.

Hoi An

Hoi An lantern

Hoi An silk

Known as the museum of traditional silk spinning and weaving, Hoi An silk village is not only a provider of silk products but also an evidence of the traditional spinning and weaving method with 300 years old. Silk is completely hand-made from the feeding silkworm process to silk reeling and weaving silk. Hence, products from silk village is a favorite souvenir of tourists for both quality and style.

Hoi An

Hoi An Silk

Phuoc Kieu bronze statues

Phuoc Kieu is a traditional bronze casting village, thus the bronze statues from here not only describe the daily life of Vietnamese but also bring the traditional culture of the village to the world. Therefore, a souvenir set will not be fully meaningful without Phuoc Kieu bronze statues.Hoi An

Phuoc Kieu Bronze statue

Wood sculpture products

Hand-made wooden products from the traditional wooden sculpture village Kim Bong is not too strange to tourists as the smiling faces of fairies that sculpted on the bamboo roots are selling on all the way in Hoi An. That is the reason why tourists love buying those products as a Hoi An souvenir. Furthermore, wooden products from Kim Bong village are exported over the world.

Hoi An

Kim Bong wood sculpture products

Vietnamese chopsticks

Chopsticks, guards and chopstick boxes that made from bamboo and wood are the tiny nice, convenient and unique souvenirs for tourists when coming to Hoi An. The chopsticks are made fussily, meticulously and carefully. It is used in every meal of Vietnamese, thus your Hoi An souvenir set will not be perfect without chopsticks since it is a part of Vietnamese tradition.

Hoi An

Wooden chopsticks

Sewing products

Hoi An has the fastest and cheapest sewing service over the world, it is fashionable and catches up with the world’s trending. Sewing service in Hoi An is always the choice of those whose want to have an elegant and luxurious dress. Tourists can have their products after 24 hours ordering or just need to leave their address and the stores will deliver exactly. Hence, sewing products is a good choice if you want to have a luxurious souvenir.

Some suggestion sewing stores for you: Yaly (358 Nguyen Duy Hieu street), A Dong Silk (40 Le Loi street), Lana (130 Tran Phu street), Bao Khanh Silk (101 Tran Hung Dao street),…

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