The sparkling streets full of lanterns in Hoi An makes those who go for Hoi An tourism fall in love at the first sight. On the full moon nights, holiday and Lunar New Year, the old town is more and more beautiful by Hoi An Lantern Festival. Throughout the streets, the lanterns light up every corner of the town.

Lantern Festival impresses on tourists’ memories

Hoi An Lantern Festival

Hoi An lantern at night market in diversified shapes

Hoi An ancient town becomes brighter and  more sparkling than normal days by the colorful lights from bright red, soft yellow to bright green,… of the rustic and simple lanterns in every corner of Hoi An.

Hoi An Lantern Festival is from 6pm when the night falls until 9-10pm. The most crowded and beautiful space is in Hoai riverside and Bridge Pagoda. Not only tourists but also local people gather and join funny, exciting and interesting activities.

Experienced activities in Hoi An Lantern Festival

In the time of Hoi An Lantern Festival, hand in hand with lovers or take a walk with your friends on the bright colorful streets is the best experience ever. And of course you shouldn’t miss a great chance to take amazing photos for your social account and also promote for Hoi An tourism too.

Another interesting activity on these days in Hoi An is floating lanterns on Hoai River. The moment when you are sitting on a small boat and float the lanterns on the river, watching the flickering of the lanterns on the river brings a cozy feeling at night.

Hoi An Lantern Festival

Floating lantern on Hoai River will bring your wishes to God to bring you luck, happiness and peace

Hoai River is lightened by the lights from the lanterns on the streets and lantern floating on the river itself makes an unreal but real beauty of the festival. Each lantern is for the festival beauty. Furthermore, it also represents for people’s wishes of luck, peace and happiness. Lanterns are sold on the riverside for 5,000-10,000 VND per one.

Due to romantic space, there are so many couples have this scene as background of their wedding albums. Photos of giving kisses under the sparkling lights of lanterns are always beautiful.

In Mid Autumn Festival, Hoi An Lantern Festival is taken place with more interesting activities such as lion dance, martial art performances, Mid Autumn Festival banquet, folk games and street art performances. Besides, there is a local cuisine area for tourists to try unique tasty food from the thousands years old town.

Hoi An lanterns – A unique and meaningful gift

The amazing sparkling beauty of lanterns makes many tourists fall in love with Hoi An for the first sight. Therefore, lanterns are the most favorite souvenir of tourists.

When in a Hoi An tourism, you can visit lantern traditional village to see how a lantern is made.

Hoi An Lantern Festival

Small lantern is a very nice gift from Hoi An tourism

Even though the lanterns are inanimate, they bring the coziness to the heart of tourists. They also give the young amazing photos with the paradise of lights. Enjoy yourself with the old beauty of Hoi An in Lantern Festival, watch the old narrow streets are wonderful.

What are you waiting for? Pack your luggage and come to Hoi An ancient town! Give yourself chance to experience the amazing beauty in every corner of this thousands years old town. Escape from deadlines, from the cramped room, let’s enjoy the ancient beauty of Hoi An at night.