After exploring, checking in famous places in Da Nang, it’s time to refill your hungry stomach. But you have no ideas about food venues in Da Nang? Let’s explore food streets in Da Nang with us to enjoy the paradise of diversified delicious foods that is not easy to refuse its attraction.

Food streets in Da Nang are always crowded by local people and tourists, especially young people. Those must be mentioned as following:

1. Da Nang food streets, Phan Tu street

food streets in Da Nang

Baked Eggs – delicious food only in Da Thanh

Known as one of the most famous food street in Da Nang, Phan Tu street is in a location that easy to find even for who come to Da Nang for the first time. It is in the intersection between Ngu Hanh Son street and Le Lai primary school, close to Vocational College No.5. It is and also quite near by the sea. There are so many street food stalls on both side of the road. From seafood to pancake, BBQ noodles to spicy noodles,… there are a lot of foods for you to try. The greatest thing in this food street is super cheap price for all type of foods. Therefore, it is always crowded from the afternoon until midnight. You sometimes have to queue to be served.

2. Salt yaourt street, Tran Thi Ly bridge

food streets in Da Nang

Tran Thi Ly bridge is famous with snack such as salt yaourt, grilled rice paper, snails,…

When mentioning Da Nang salt yaourt, people often mention Bang Lang street in the foot of Tran Thi Ly bridge. It is called Bang Lang street (Lagerstroemia flower street) because this road is covered by the purple of lagerstroemia flowers in the summer.

There are many street restaurants with same menus. They serve salt yaourt, snails, grilled rice paper, cold and mixed jackfruit, spring rolls, pickled fruits,… This street is crowded by the young in Da Nang. They are attracted by the delicious and diversified of food here. From 3pm until 11pm, it is always full of the cheer of both customers and sellers. Price level here is low, that why there are many students gather here. Moreover, the sellers are so friendly.

3. Da Nang Food Street in Bac My An Market

food streets in Da Nang

Avocado ice cream is a famous specialty in Bac My An market for only 10,000 VND.

A food street in Da Nang that is always crowded with students has to be mentioned the Bac My An market. Hot snacks that contribute to Da Nang food’s diversification include snails, grilled rice paper, pancakes, sweet soup and especially avocado ice cream.

The snail stalls are set up with a few small tables with small chairs are always crowded. You even have to queue to have a seat if you arrive at around 5pm every day.

Avocado ice cream in Bac My An market is one of the most famous avocado ice cream in Da Nang. Avocado is mixed with ice cream, goes with dried coconut and peanuts. Its combination creates an amazing taste that you will never forget.

4. Vincom Luxury food street

food streets in Da Nang

The luxury dining area of Vincom allures customers.

Besides the popular food streets in Da Nang, there is also a luxury and modern one such as Vincom food court. It is located on Ngo Quyen street and near Muong Thanh Grand hotel, Vincom food court has a variety of food from European to Asian cuisine for your choice. Luxury foods, modern space will be a great choice for you to enjoy the relax moments and beautiful view of Da Nang.

5. Indochina Food Court

food streets in Da Nang

Indochina food court is famous with the well-known restaurants

There is another favorite place of local people and tourists, Indochina food court. The food here is so diversified from European cuisine to Chinese, Korean to Japanese cuisine, and of course Vietnamese cuisine is the main menu here. Its location is on the center street of the city, it will be an amazing experience for tourists when seating in a modern food court space with tasty food and a view of the romantic Han River. These special things make a special food court that attracts not only tourists but also local people.

If you go to Da Nang, don’t miss those famous food streets. Experiences at those place will be memorable moments for your Da Nang trip. It gives you not only the cuisine culture of local people but also the daily life of them through the tasty foods.