Da Nang real estate market nowadays is an attractive environment. So many people who are fond of real estate invest in this “delicious pie”. Every year Da Nang attracts thousands of tourists domestically and internationally so that it is not only a rapid development of tourism but also the development of economic generally. And Da Nang real estate, is developing with the economic of this area.

da nang real estate


It was concerned about housing bubbles in big cities such as Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City many years ago, which made a lot of investors distressed. Therefore, there are still many people worrying about investing in real estate projects.

However, from the beginning of 2017 to present, everything is different. Da Nang’s real estate always changes positively. It attracts many people including investors that wish to own a real estate in Da Nang.

da nang real estate

According to land price survey in Da Nang, Son Tra is one of areas that has best price. The land price here is increasing regularly, it attracts the attention of real estate’s investors. It can increase from 200% to 300 % occasionally, depends on location and direction.

Da Nang’s real estate is also affected by general rules. Thus the changes in land price in Da Nang is the obviousness. However, compared to other big cities, real estate activities in Da Nang was not so seriously influenced as the period of 2012-2015 that they had to be frozen. Therefore, investing in real estate for housing or renting in Da Nang is still a ‘delicious pie’ for investors.


Da Nang attracts many tourists every year. Consequently, demand for resorts as well as tourists’ enjoyment with convenient services in Da Nang also increases. As a result, real estate’s demand for urban construction and resorts also increases.

In the period of 2017, Da Nang is the host of Asian – Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and Fireworks Festival. Hence, the real estate market has some signs of improvement. These events promise to heat the real estate market here.

Da Nang’s land price as well as Da Nang’s housing market, flourishing or disappearing, sometimes depend on investors’ consideration and evaluation. Investors and people who demand to purchase a real estate in Da Nang need to be sober and learn about housing market in Da Nang carefully not to be overstated or quoted about land price from real estate agents.

Although being influenced a little by the general socio- economic rules as well as the real estate market. Da Nang is still a fertilised field to bring high benefits to investors. Investing in Da Nang’s housing market is an investment for future, not only brings benefits but also contribute the infrastructure development here.